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Re: 9-13-11 chat

Originally Posted by I Dream of Cloth View Post

I put the kids down for a nap as soon as they finished eating lunch and let them just play in their cribs and hang out while I caught on some sleep. I'm a "school widow" tonight too because my husband has a class (he just began a PhD program!) and that means I have to put the kids to bed myself tonight.

Just 3 hours until bed time and then I can go back to sleep.
Originally Posted by blueone View Post
Wow, "school widow" is an actual term? I've never heard of that. If that's the case, them I'm a permanent "army widow" because I never know when my husband will be home. Tonight and again tomorrow night he's at the range and I'm not expecting him till 10ish or 11ish.

Not saying that to attack you or anything, I just truly never heard of widow being used that way...

I know you guys don't mean anything by it at all but I did want to let you know that to real widows, all those cute terms like football widow and such, hurt, a lot. Because as much as we know it must suck to not have your DH there, he's still living and breathing and will be coming back to you. Unlike real widows where we have to parent alone 24/7. I was a widow before I remarried. I had two very small kids, and I can promise you, it sucks, and hearing those cute terms is like a knife in the gut to us.

On a happier note, went out and did grocery shopping at two store and only threw up once in each one! I was pretty proud myself! NMT that's the most I've moved in a while, so my stomach was probably pretty unhappy!
I'm currently counting down the weeks until I hit 18 weeks since that is when I started to feel better with my last pregnancy. Going to be a LONG 11 weeks...
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