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Re: How to deal with comments about weaning after 1

It can be difficult to hear people that you care about bashing something that is important to you. I don't really understand why anyone else would think it's their business in the first place. My oldest stopped nursing at 2.5 years old when I was pregnant with our youngest. I KNOW everyone in our family thought it was strange (and before I had kids I would have thought it was strange, too). Basically, if asked I would just answer confidently that he is getting great nutrition and immunity through my milk still. I think being assertive without being rude/pushy with my answers made them back off naturally. I also think that some in my family think I'm one of "those moms" (whatever that is, LOL) and just leave me alone about issues in which we don't agree. It was hard at first and there where times my feelings were hurt by dirty looks/rude comments from family... but I decided that I was going to put my son's needs over their uneducated opinions.

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