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Re: My dr told me to wean my three month old!

Originally Posted by NikkiGig View Post
I have fought hard for the breastfeeding relationship I have with DD2. We had suck issues that lead to supply issues that landed us in the hospital for FTT. We have finally gotten back on track, but about a month ago I started having thrush symptoms. DD2 never had symptoms. I went to my PCP after a couple weeks of trying home remedies and she gave me two doses of diflucan to be taken a week apart. After I finished those it didn't clear up so I went back to her yesterday to discuss if I needed more diflucan or if it could be something else like vasospasms or staph. She said it couldnt be anything else and she could give me more diflucan but that I should just wean her! She said three months of bfing was good enough and that formula is the same as breastmilk so why bother. She then went on to tell me that my baby is too skinny so I am obviously not doing her any favors by continuing to breastfeeding her! Of course I told her weaning was not an option and I would breastfeed her has long as she wants even if I am in pain every single day. I just can't believe how ignorant she was, what she said really hurt my feelings since it has taken so much hard work to get to where we are.

THIS is the kind of thing a Dr. should lose their license over. I'm SO sorry this was ever said to you mama!! Good for you for fighting and sticking with BF'ing. I had a hard road with my first but we also saw an incredible IBCLC and my son thrived afterwards and even had leg rolls for a few months before he started crawling. By the way, every baby is different. Your milk is nourishing your DD even if she isn't a butterball. My DSs were lanky little guys and I used to worry that my milk was somehow lacking. Now I have my DD who has rolls on her rolls! She is EBF and is in the 75th percentile for weight (and only 48th for height ). You're doing such a wonderful thing for your DD.

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
A new dr is in order. Her information and delivery is not only incorrect but belittling. I would file a compliant with whoever you need to and dump her. She is the reason women lose confidence in nursing. Breastmilk and formula are worlds apart. Still. Will one substitute for the other? Yes. Are margarine and butter equal? No way! Lol. Substitute does not equal same thing.
Do you want to come over and tell that to the women flaming me in the thread about goat's milk in the Q&A section? They were recommending formula and I passionately stated that formula is a far cry from breastmilk and isn't a suitable option when breastmilk is available. They all hate me now.
In with my DH, crunchy, attached Mama to 4. Homeschooling, long term breastfeeding, CD'ing, babywearing, homebirthing. Could I BE anymore addicted to cloth?!

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