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Re: 9-14-11 daily chat

My appointment was fairly useless.

Right before I went dp got a call from the company we just went for an interview at a couple of weeks ago. He got it! Which means that we are moving 10 hrs away. The midwife did give me some requisition forms for blood work/an ultrasound but she said not to go until 10-12 weeks. I have to try contacting the midwives out there to see if I can get on the list, should be interesting as we don't have an address or really even a date yet - dp still needs the security clearance before they provide the start date.

This should be interesting, I have to get rid of SO much stuff before this move. Thankfully I am working on being more minimalist, it is just going to be hard 'throwing out' so much money.

This will be so weird - I have never been in another city before, we both grew up here and are used to city life, we will be going VERY rural, lol. At least we have a grocery store, a giant tiger and a Tim Hortons still but that is pretty much it.
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