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Re: Homemade Cloth-Diaper Laundry Detergent

Originally Posted by mariamommy View Post
I'm also curious if this homemade detergent needs a water softening agent to work well. Anybody use Calgon with it?

Also, what does it SMELL like? Fresh-like? Chemical-y? Like nothing?

I have a front loader and soft water, have others used this recipe in a front loader with success? I have all natural material diapers and PUL covers/pockets.
I know nothing about soft water but when the laundry is done, you should smell nothing.... no stink, no fragrance.... nothing at all. However, the detergent itself (especially while mixing a fresh batch) is strong. I have a sensitive sniffer and borax has a strong smell, imo.
If I'm correct, soft water tends to super suds, right? If so, I strongly suggest making the mix WITHOUT the dawn and experiment with how much you add at wash time until you figure out the best working combo for you. Otherwise, you may end up with an entire batch of unusable detergent. Since you're using a frontloader, maybe 2 tsp dry mix with 1/2 tsp dawn to start? Adjusting the amount of Dawn needed for your specific washer and water type seems to be the key factor with this recipe.
Wish I could be more helpful but I haven't rcv'd enough feedback as far as what water type and washer type other mamas have used my recipe with and had success.

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