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Re: Best beer for lactation?

Originally Posted by Kriket View Post
there is no real solid answer. With discretion. Like don't do it every day, or multiple times a day. But if I laid down a 2 week old thinking they were going to have a decent nap (or real sleep) then had a beer and they woke up hungry, I wouldn't avoid feeding. But I wouldn't schedule a beer every night at 2 weeks either.

fwiw, a 150 pound female, drinking one beer (and taking 30 mins to do it) has a BAC of .022, which means your milk is "spiked" to .022% a beer is 2.5% at 1 hour, it's .013%
a 190lb female (because.. let's be real.) has a BAC of .015% at one hour .007%
I think this is a good point. I'm only 120lbs normally (and was back to 130lb about a month after delivery). It doesn't take much alcohol for me which is my over caution when nursing. That and I get babies who want to nurse all the freaking time when little.
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