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Arrow Need help to fatten up baby.

I just got back from my baby's four month appt. And it turns out he has not only not gained any weight but has lost weight and is now barely ten pounds. I could just cry, I feel like a failure. I had no problems at all with my first he was very chunky. My boy nurses about every two hours give or take through out the day and nurses three or four times during the night. He is pretty distracted during the day so I try to nurse in a quiet room but even still he only eats for a few minutes at a time. I don't get that full feeling before nursing but my letdown is pretty strong and will spray or soak my shirt. I know oats and mothers milk tea will help with supply, what else works? His doctor recommends that I pump after each feeding to increase supply and get more of the hind milk to feed him. I have no experience with pumping whatsoever but just googled pumps and there is no way I can afford one. I live in Albuquerque, are there any resources to help get a pump, loaner programs, or anyone with one they don't need anymore? I have to go back every two weeks to check his weight and if there is no improvement I need to start trying formula. I am heartbroken and really want breastfeeding to work. Any ideas or help is appreciated.
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