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Re: Cheap, Healthy Recipies??

beans, peas, rice, lentils, and rolled oats are cheap to buy look for wholesale or warehouse or club places to get 25LB bags for cheap, whole chicken and drumsticks are usually cheaper than breast; brine in herbs and salt water a dayahead and drain and rinse boil in fresh water with onion celery and carrots for 1 1/2 or 2 hours and homemade broth and chicken for recipies ,sandwiches, or wraps. Do a food budget plan for 1 week so you know what to cook for each day. Plan ahead with the store flyers cook up a bunch of a sale meat and plan the recipies to use the same meat for a few days in a row or freeze the extra for next weeks recipies. juicing carrots are great for slicing for soups they seem to taste the same to me and a 25# bag is less than $10 in you have a food slicer slice them up in baggies in the freezer for later HTH
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