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nipple pain NOT new to bfing

My daughter is two and still nurses 4+ times a day. She is (imperfectly) nightweaned but occasionally wakes once. We had thrush when she was a newborn, so I know what that feels like.

Recently I have been having pain in my left breast, mainly my nipple. It is sore to the touch and VERY sore if I press on it/push it into my breast (if that makes sense). It is only on the one side. I have had problems with this side in the past, including recurrent plugged ducts, but not recently (it's been fine for about 20 months). This time, there is no lump, heat, or engorgement--absolutely no symptoms except pain.

It feels worse when Rowan is due to nurse and better afterwards. But again, there is no drawing kind of pain that would make me think it's a hidden plugged duct.

I have a (male) family practice doctor. No OB or CNM. Or would I be better off seeing an IBCLC? I told hubby that if the pain doesn't resolve I need to get it checked out. Rowan kicked me accidentally and it made me tear up, so I can't just ignore it forever.
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