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Originally Posted by honeydomehlon
You are his mother and you know best. If you think to wait then wait. It sounds like he is still eating the purees just fine and Im assuming still nursing/bottle feeding too so it's not like he is deprived right? My daughter tried that gagging thing around that age too but it was for attention. once she actually threw up she never did it again. scarey though. I would try making something for him. I tried this website that has tons of baby food recipes. Its amazing. they have great teething recipes for chewy grains and things. this was a big hit. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.c...ngbiscuits.htm you will love this website if you havent found it yet!
Thanks for the website, I will check it out! Yes, he is still on formula and eating most purees fine. He is just super picky about what he will or will not eat! He is kinda small for his age I think, weighing in only at the 13th percentile, so I worry about his food and formula intake even though he doesn't look malnourished. He probably only takes about 20 oz a day, which doesn't seem like much and 2 meals, abt 7-8 oz in total? I am trying to increase to 3 meals a day plus snacks, as suggested by his ped for more practice with solids and transitioning into turning one when he should be eating more and drinking less. But that means less formula now that he will be drinking and doesn't he get most of his nutrients from formula? I don't think that snacks are all that impt right now, esp if he is really not ready, I hate to have him throw up all the tine from gagging! Maybe I will just look at thosr recipes and see if he can get practice from other types of food...
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