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thinking of adding a bottle...

DS is almost 6 months. He's had a few bottles of EBM, maybe 5? I love nursing him, but our nightly bedtime attempts take 2+ hours. DH gave bottles to our older 2, but it was formula. I tried pumping but I didn't respond well so it affected my supply, so I'm a little nervous of adding even just one bottle, even if I pump. DH has begged from the beginning but I kept saying no. Well, now I am just exhausted and wouldn't mind if he could take over bedtime and see if that helps a little. I know he's getting a good full belly when nursing though. I hear lots of swallowing and I'll hold him awhile when I think he's asleep but when I try to put him down, he wakes and cries. Even if I let him cry 10 minutes, he'll nurse again and get another let down.

If I started pumping every day in the morning after he nurses, would I eventually start being able to pump more? I've just never been consistent when I have pumped.

Any tips or ideas would be great! Thanks!
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