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Originally Posted by carolineb
DS is almost 6 months. He's had a few bottles of EBM, maybe 5? I love nursing him, but our nightly bedtime attempts take 2+ hours. DH gave bottles to our older 2, but it was formula. I tried pumping but I didn't respond well so it affected my supply, so I'm a little nervous of adding even just one bottle, even if I pump. DH has begged from the beginning but I kept saying no. Well, now I am just exhausted and wouldn't mind if he could take over bedtime and see if that helps a little. I know he's getting a good full belly when nursing though. I hear lots of swallowing and I'll hold him awhile when I think he's asleep but when I try to put him down, he wakes and cries. Even if I let him cry 10 minutes, he'll nurse again and get another let down.

If I started pumping every day in the morning after he nurses, would I eventually start being able to pump more? I've just never been consistent when I have pumped.

Any tips or ideas would be great! Thanks!
Is he STTN? Would you be pumping at night while DH gives a bottle? You could try it, but he may not go to sleep any easier/quicker. It's natural for babies to want to be close to their mothers. Have you thought about taking him to bed with you? Or taking the front off his crib and putting it up against the side of your bed?
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