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Re: Nursing a newborn

I have been in so much pain the past two weeks that I cry all night while she nurses (its worse at night - maybe because I'm so tired?) and bite down on a prefold to keep from screaming [as loudly].
I broke down today and called my ex and asked him how long this lasted with my first. He said 2 months. Sigh. I hope he's wrong.

Anyway, I'm in the same boat. Great latch, no supply issues, no tongue tie, etc. It just hurts like hell. I am aware of my nipples every second of the day, too. They are just so sensitive. I can't do a bra or even a nursing tank because they are too tight and hurt. I'm just going around town looking like a dirty hippie with no bra and milk circles on my shirts.

Here's hoping its over for both of us soon.
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