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No he doesn't sttn. He wakes 2-3 hours after I get him down. After that I get in the guest bed with him and then I don't pay attention to how much he nurses. It seems like several times but I don't know!

I was thinking of pumping in the morning once then maybe twice at night if I could, maybe at 8 around when DH gives a bottle and then again around 10. I've just never been able to get much pumping at night.

You may be right that it won't help him to go to bed easier but at least DH could help. Right now if he tries to get ds after I've done a nursing marathon and he keeps waking up, ds won't have it. He just cries and cries. I would hope that if he started to give ds a bottle more regularly then he might be more comfortable with DH soothing him instead of just me being able to soothe him.

Oh, and we just don't have room in our bedroom to put the crib next to us. He's starting to get up on all fours so I'm afraid he might start crawling soon and crawl off a bed.
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