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Originally Posted by wonton
I'm on zoloft and while it helps, it has been giving me bad insomnia. I'm only on 75mg, but I read that this can happen to some people (29%), especially those w/ocd and intrusive thoughts.
It's horrible, but my current psych is not very bfing friendly and doesn't seem like the type to try other meds.

However once our new insurance kicks in I'm going else where.

Its funny because I was on zoloft previously 5 yrs ago and don't remember having this much trouble falling asleep.
I guess my brain chemistry continues to change, yea me :-\

I hope it works for you.
Are you taking it at night?
I didn't have insomnia, but if woken I was hateful, loud, cussing, etc., but I never knew it. I switched to taking it in the morning-mid morning and it got better.
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