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Thanks all! Slight DH vent that he says he supports nursing but he's pressed so hard for "just one" bottle but he wanted it to be formula. I talked about how just one bottle can affect supply and how we saw how it did in the past. He's convinced that I am "making things harder" on myself by ebf because he believes that the reason ds is so attached to me and won't let anyone else hold him is because I'm ebf. We didn't experience this with our other 2 who were only ebf a few weeks then got 1 bottle a day but by 4.5 months were on all bottles.

He thinks that ds should be sleeping 10-12 hours now like the other 2 did. And he says they did because of formula.

He knows it bugs me when his mom talks bottles all the time so I don't know why he pushes it. And he's not the one who has to get up at night so why does he care if the baby is sttn? He's convinced I'm starting a bad habit by co-sleeping but I need to be able to function during the day with my others. We're both on board for hsing, but it's a big deal to him so I need to be able to have the energy for that.

Ds started sleeping 6-7 hours when he was 6 weeks old. That lasted until about 3-4 months when we went on vacation and it's been downhill since then. I think part of it might have been he had yeast in his ear and I didn't know it! I took him to the ped the other day and he gave us drops for it. Last night I let him cry some and he was asleep in 15 minutes around 8:40 and slept til 4:30!

He still struggles with napping but we'll get there! I've tried to tell him that I've talked to friends who have ebf more than one child and how one slept great and one didn't and I've known plenty of ff babies that hardly slept too.

It's just frustrating to hear him say he "supports" nursing but I hardly feel that way. If I said, "I decided I'm going to start weaning at 6 months" then he would be thrilled!

I'm so glad I don't have to pack bottles and water and formula everywhere I go. I've told him bottles wouldn't make things easier for me. His point is that I can't get a break because ds won't go into any nursery setting and he believes that if I would have done just one bottle then ds would happily go to the nursery. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to go to the expense of BUYING formula, dealing with packing, washing, keeping up with bottles just so ds will go into the nursery at church once a week and maybe a few days a week at the gym. And there's no guarantee that ds wouldn't be the same way even if he were 100% bottle fed. It may just be who he is.

I can look at my older kids now and certain traits help explain the way they were as babies.

I know it's a little frustrating for him that he doesn't really get snuggle time with the baby. He's tried to take naps with him but ds won't have it when he's tired he just wants me. He'll let DH hold him and run around while playing with the others. I guess he just misses that he can't help soothe or put him to sleep like he got to before. Ive offered to let him do baths and bedtime routine until it's time for me to nurse but he's not comfortable handling a slippery wet baby. I think once he can sit up alone he might be more comfortable with it.

Oh my I just realized how long this got! I'm NAK and ds is sleeping so what else can I do? Ha!
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