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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Krisha I hope you feel better it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now.

Ellen- Come out, come out, your Mommy wants to see you already.

Morgan, it is so hard for some people to accept their parents for who they are. My sister still is mad at our father, it is like she expects better, from a guy who has never done better. For me I am more at peace, long ago, I realised he is the person he has always been he will not change, and in some ways I don't think he can. His life is not happy but he made it. Dh still has some anger towards family for blatant favoritism, but he see's in the long run he was fine without the crap. It can be tough, but don't let her get you down, and make it clear your plans trump her plans. You are the Momma!!!

And woo hoo on your secret package sounds so fun!!!

AFM- still getting stuff tagged for the sale and got rid of a ton of kitchen stuff today. Some one was supposed to come buy diapers from me today but I think she is flaking ugh!!!!!!

I want to add I don't want fall to come yet, I want to enjoy my pool for a little longer. I am going to miss having it so much!

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