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Some questions about Baylor of Frisco and Allen Birthing Center (and maybe Inanna)

I'm pregnant with #2 and trying to decide on a hospital or birthing center. I think I've narrowed it down to these two (with distance being a big factor because I don't want to have to go much farther--these are both about 50 minutes to an hour from me).

I live between Sherman and McKinney. I'm looking at the Inanna Birthing Center too but it's a little farther away.

So my questions are--Does Baylor of Frisco let the baby stay in your room all night? Do they let your DH stay overnight? Do they let a toddler stay overnight (not necessary but I'm still wondering)? Are they good about letting mom breastfeed and not "accidentally" giving formula? These are all questions I will call and ask them but I figure I'll get a better idea from people who have actually been there.

If you've been to the Allen Birthing Center or Inanna Birthing Center, what are your thoughts on them?

Thank you so much!

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