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Re: Possibly dumb questions about 4 day wait, etc. (purees)

Originally Posted by myoo View Post
We're planning to introduce solids to DS in 2 weeks when he turns 6 months old, and I'm kind of a weenie so I'm planning to start with purees.

I have some questions that probably sound sort of dumb, but I just don't quite get it.

I do plan to wait 3-4 days between offering new foods and will start by offering only once per day, working up gradually.

Question 1: Do you offer the same food and only the same food each and every day for those 3-4 days to watch for allergies? So if DS has previously accepted sweet potato and apple with no reaction and we start trying avocado, do we give avocado ONLY for the next 3 days or also offer apples/sweet potatoes? It seems like if you give the new food only and introduce two new foods a week, you would never get to the point of re-visiting previously accepted foods.
Once you have introduced a food and know it is ok, you can keep feeding it to them along with new foods. It is best to offer the new food in the morning, to avoid the possibility of a reaction overnight. I usually did that, and proceeded normally with previously approved foods the rest of the day. If the kiddo was ok with that, I'd offer the new food to them once or twice over the next few days, to make sure there wasn't any kind of reaction.

Originally Posted by myoo View Post
Question 2: Do new foods need to be offered independently, or can it be introduced in combination with previously accepted foods? For example, if DS has had sweet potato and peas before and I want to introduce spinach, do I have to offer the spinach by itself or can I mix it in to one puree with the sweet potatoes and peas?
I tend to be kind of cautious with this. It really isn't a bad thing to do, but I always felt better introducing them on their own, so there was never any doubt if they had a reaction. We start HappyBellies cereal, and since it was a familiar texture, I would sometimes add it too new foods, just to kind of make it familiar, you know? But not usually anything else. If you start with savory foods, they are more likely to accept more savory foods, so you shouldn't have to mix sweet stuff in to get them to eat it or anything like that.

Originally Posted by myoo View Post
Question 3: I have read about the "evils" of commercial baby cereals and am planning to skip rice cereal, but we do have a box someone gave us and might mix it into purees once in a while. Is there any reason not to do that?
It is true that baby cereal isn't necessary, but it isn't evil either, and you have to start solids the way you think is best for your DS. You still need to introduce it separately, though, if you do use it. Allergies to things like oats aren't terribly common, but they do happen.

Originally Posted by myoo View Post
I know I'm using phrases like "have to" and realize that there's really no "right" way to do things, but I'm such a by-the-book kind of person that it bothers me when I don't know what I'm "supposed" to do.
There aren't make "have to"s with starting solids. There are a few "don't"s - like, don't put cereal in baby's bottle, and don't introduce multiple foods at one time. But, most of it is common sense and instinct. Just remember to start slowly and be patient while your DS is learning. Have you looked at Great site
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