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Re: I want to throw my diapers away!!!!!

I don't think buying new would help. It would just take a bit before it started again.

I have found the only way to keep the stinkies away for good, and not drive myself insane, is to bleach every other wash. I was doing it every 4-5th wash and that just wasn't working. So, every other wash I do a normal routine then take everything but the inserts and plain hemp fitteds and wash those again with a TINY bit of bleach, double rinse. It's the only thing I've found to keep the stinkies 100% gone. This is much easier than all the rinsing and rinsing, adding boiling water, etc. My only problem now is I do have a handful of fitteds that I can't/won't bleach and they can get a little smelly, but not as bad as the inserts. I would seriously go to all prefolds except almost all of mine are dyed or tie dyed and I cn't bleach those either. I HATE using bleach, but it's a tiny amount, maybe 1/8 c, and I too could not stand the stinkies anymore.

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