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Re: So Whats everyone up to?

I can't imagine having such a big drive to my boys' dad. We live less than 15miles apart.

Not too much going on here. I had been talking to my first grader all summer about doing cub scouts. He's not really into sports but he likes being around kids so I thought it would be a good fit. He loves it when I take him camping or on hikes. I got the notice about the first pack meeting and was excited to take him. I ended up telling his dad and asked his dad if he wanted to take him. he did take him, they had a blast, his dad is the head of the den...makes me kinda sad. I know its selfish and I'm really glad his dad is jumping in. He's a good dad but hasn't really done much of his sort of thing. This is my sons first year not in dance. That was always our thing we did together. I kinda miss that connection.

I hate feeling like I am in some sort of competition with my ex and his new wife. Normally its not too bad but sometimes I get that way.
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