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Re: Every now and then I throw myself a pity party

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
I'm in the process of divorcing, have 2 kids and just found out a few weeks ago that I'm PG with a surprise baby (depsite all the BC options used). With a baby daddy who's currently not involved. I always wanted another child...eventually...definitely not on my own. It is what it is though, right?
That is a tough one. Being extremely busy when I was getting divorced actually helped me stay sane. I never had time to think about what I was losing, I had to look forward.

Cherry Garcia is for very special moments I use cheap mint-chip to get me by. Thanks for the encouragement. I do love hearing about people that met their spouses later in life (and they had kids). I shouldn't say that I have completely given up hope but when I make plans for my future they are with me by myself, or maybe my yds will still live at home if I'm lucky
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