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Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments

Originally Posted by greenmommyx2 View Post
I'm sorry! That's so frustrating! My LO is 10 months and weighs just over 18lbs. To me, he seems big and healthy but according to the charts at 10 months 18lbs 28in is only 25th percentile!? America is just fat and those charts have been adjusted to fit that, I swear!

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Ya know, I've been thinking that too. I took my daughter for her 11 year old checkup at the pedi and she weighed 68lbs. And her pedi is fine with it. She's gaining very very very slowly but she's gaining and she's eating like a horse and active and healthy so there's no problems. But I did ask what she was supposed to weigh and her pedi told me an average 11 year old is a few inches shorter than my daughter and in the high 80's. My daughter is 68lbs and taller than the average 11 year old. *sigh* No wonder people tell me she's so skinny and scrawny. I mean, I SEE it when she's in a group of kids her age but........I just figured they were average or overweight. Apparently my kid isn't as normal as I think.
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