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Re: No more babies!!!(long)

I would suggest the big V too. It's a much less invasive procedure for DH than if you were to have permanent birth control measures. Unless your doctor recommends a hysterectomy for you for safety/health reasons, then I'd definitely talk to your DH about a V.

We're pregnant with #3 now and we only ever planned on two. (Apparently condoms don't work when you forget them at home, go away for a weekend and score an awesome deal where you get a 2 bedroom suite and get to sleep in a separate room from the kids . . .) We're excited about baby, but we KNOW that we don't want any more after this, so my DH got the V about a week ago. He's sore still, but he did it completely voluntarily because he saw it as being responsible in terms of our family. And because he hates condoms - LOL!
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