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I introduced the "toilet" (a potty chair, bjorne's littlest one) to both my kids around 12 months or earlier. I waited til they had a consistent poop time (for both it was first thing in the AM) & then would just put them on the "toilet" at that time & they'd go. It was really easy, actually. Then they got used to it & communicated (verbally or by their actions) when they needed to go poop at other times & I would put them on the toilet again & they'd go. It was really nice not to have to clean up poopy CDs!

Once my son was about 20 months (& I was due with DD in 2 months) I started training him to go pee in the "toilet" too. It took him until the week he turned two to be completely trained day & night. I felt pretty good about the whole process & believe introducing the "toilet" early helped a lot.

My DD otoh is 20 months now & has reverted back to pooping in her diaper after we switched to sposies (due to extreme morning sickness). Once I'm in my second trimester I am going to try to completely toilet train her but I have a feeling she may put up more resistance than DS. She is super verbal & will actually say "No poop in toilet! Poop in diaper!". Soooo we'll see! At least she's pooping in sposies instead of cloth!

All that to say I think introducing the potty at an early age can be very helpful for several reasons!
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