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Re: Wacky Alpacky 100% alpaca fingering wt yarn--perfect for winter projects!

Benefits of Alpaca Fiber:Alpaca fiber is extremely fine with little guard hair
Alpaca fiber has excellent insulative or thermal qualities
Alpaca fiber has a rich silky sheen which has high visual appeal
Alpaca fiber is warmer than Merino wool
Alpaca fiber is more abrasion resistant than Merino wool
Alpaca fiber has a higher tensile strength than wool
Alpaca fiber contains no grease, oil or lanolin and does not smell
Alpaca Fiber is rare – supply cannot keep up with demand for fine quality fleece
Alpaca fiber can be easily dyed any color without losing its sheen

Here is some of the feedback I have received from yarn recent sales:
"great momma, yummiest softest yarn "
"Lovely & so soft alpaca wool!"
"I have received the yarn=) It is absolutely wonderful!!!"
"Lovely, helpful mama and beautiful yarn"
"I love this alpaca wool it is the softest ever!"

Click here to read more about alpaca fiber:
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