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Re: No more babies!!!(long)

Originally Posted by clothrookie3 View Post
Yes I'll keep my ovaries. Our reasons are to get rid of the "problem areas" (uterus and cervix) and to make sure I can't have any more children.
If the docs are recommending it to solve/help your problems then its certainly a good option. My friend never had children- well she had 1 he was delivered at 24 weeks, still born. She had tons of issues, had all the freezing and good stuff. Her hysterectomy was 10 years after the birth of her son (she was 16). It took care of most of her "female" problems but she looked about 6 months pregnant for a couple of months and 4 months for close to a year after- on and off. It messed with her digestive track quite a bit. And she did go through the whole "I'm not a woman" thing for a while. I think it might have been easier emotionally if she had a surviving child. Its been 2 years and she is happy and feeling pretty good. I wouldn't recommend it specifically for bc, but if it would help with your other issues then I would consider it.
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