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Re: how long to ebf?

I went through 3 Pediatricians before I landed on the one we go to now. They all disagreed with my choice to EBF for longer than 6 months. One tried to get me to start solids at 4 months. I did a lot of reading and I felt very comfortable with my choice. I've had LO's blood checked to make sure iron levels are normal (and they are, surprise, surprise!) and I've made a conscious effort to get enough sun exposure for vit D. We are in TX so we only need 15 minutes a week of facial sun exposure to get enough vit D, during the summer months. We get more than that and LO has a nice light tan to show for it. We get lots of comments on his "olive skin" - haha. You can research and find out what you need based on where you are. was where I got a lot of my info on EBF as well as pubmed. I think its worth looking into to see if its right for you and your baby.

My LO is 9 months, has barely had any solids (mostly just "tastes" foods) and is still EBF. We do "baby led solids" so we offer and if he wants to, he tries things. He's had a variety of foods but never "chowed down". He breastfeeds really well and he has stayed right on his growth curve from the beginning. When I talked to our current Pedi about it, he said "whatever you're doing is working great - I'd keep doing that". This was one of the many reasons I like him. He said "they eat solids when they are good and ready" which is how I feel. My babe is plump, healthy and happy. He'll eat solids when he wants to.

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