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Whoo hoo! I told ya so

LOL, I LOVE the Alva suedecloth. And if you search my posts for the past 4 years you can tell I was a huge on the anti-sc kick lol! Alva SC is so soft, wicks quickly, so far hasn't stained and the trimness

Noelle is on the same setting on Alvas, she's 16 lbs & 26". I love it, tons of room to grow. Eli doesn't fit in most diapers, but can wear Alvas on the middle waist & thigh settings. I'm so tempted to sell off all my Sunbabies to get more Alva sc! Did you double the inserts? I've just been using 1 and it works for 2-2.5 hours for both of my kids.

E modeling the same print, someone is going to have to post action shots in another print. There were lots of cute ones ordered
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