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Re: He Just Decided to Potty

I agree, hold onto the diapers. DD1 PT'd pretty early (started around 19 months, compeltely done by 24mo), DD2 loves to copy and has been doing weewee in the potty for months now, she's almost 20 months. And she would even say 'weewee' when it came out, so she was aware of the functions, from maybe 15 months. At this point she has started saying 'I did a poo' after the fact (useless to me, LOL!) and a few times now she has told me in the last week 'I need to go potty, do weewee, take diaper off'. So I do, and about half the time we actually get a weewee. But it's so inconsistent! And I remember with ODD she was good for a few days, then lost interest, then picked it up a few months later and basically PT'd all on her own. So, I'm in absolutely no rush. I wish she would at least do poos in the potty because I am expecting pretty soon and really sick of cleaning up yuck diapers. But... she is only 20 months, I am not expecting great things, and I don't have the time to sit around with her on the potty all day either. I would say, keep encouraging him at say, a specific time of day (before bath works for us), if he wants to use it then great, if not, no biggie! At this point I feel it's all about just waiting for them to decide, and providing the apparatus and trying to get them to understand that it would be nice to do it in there instead of the diaper.

You may be lucky, he might just pick it up right away! But don't be discouraged if he doesn't either, just let him go at his own pace.
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