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Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
OP - I got that print for my DS and I think it is totally boyish! Although I'd stick it on a girl too! But it is way more boyish than girly.

I got my Alva diapers in the mail yesterday and have them washing now. One of them I'm not sure what to do with because the dye is transferring all over the diaper and even on to the snaps. So that one is siting in it's plastic waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.

I'll get pictures of my DS in one once they are dry!

I'm a little worried about washing these as they say to wash on cold. I really don't want to wash on cold, but if I do wash on hot, then I'd be sad to have them delaminate....
This is exactly what I was coming on here to talk about!! I really don't want them to delaminate, but I wash all my diapers on hot.... so what does everyone else do? When I pre-washed them (they are drying on the rack right now), I threw them in after the hot wash, during the 1st cold rinse (still plenty of soap to be had then). Not sure if this will work when they've been pooped in though....
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