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Re: Talk me down!!!

Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
I have 3 and am done But it took me a LONG time to be okay with that. I just tried to focus on what things would change because of a new baby. I'm not saying more kiddos are bad - but for me it helped me to focus on the advantages of not having more. A few things i realized i would gain from stopping. Mental sanity - we had 3 boys in 3.5 years. Enough said More time with each child individually. DS1 just started all day K. I missed that child so much for a few weeks, and still do, but now i realize how wonderful it is to just have alone time with DS2. When DS3 goes down for a nap, the two of us get two solid hours of doing what HE wants - and being the middle child, who was only 16mo old when DS3 came along - he's overdue for things his way. I don't have to lug around a diaper bag anymore. I am able to CLEAN out the items i have been storing "just in case" and give them to people who can use them. I kept a few things, but its nice to have more space to put things in the boys want. I get to sleep through the night... ahhhh..... We get to go on vacations as families without hauling a van full of SHEESH just to make sure all the little have everything they could possibly need. We get to spend time ALONE as a couple - a new babe would make that nonexistant again. Not that it doesn't have its time and place, but i had sooooo much fun in Aug with my DH for a weekend getaway. It was the first time we had been alone, together for more than a 4 hour date night in 5.5 years. It was AWESOME....

Okay, I'll be quiet.....
YAY!!!! THIS is what I needed We absolutely adore our family the way it is now and so many things would have to change if we had another. We only have 2 kid rooms- who is gonna share? We have a little car- no room for 3 carseats and no cash to buy a new one. And I love spending time with both of them seperately and with my DH! THANKS!
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