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Re: Potty training two toddlers at once?

I think it can be done with two kids, but just plan on having twice as many potties so they can go at the same time. And if ODS is choosing to wear underwear, yes, he should get with the program and start sitting on the potty at regular intervals!

Build potty-sitting into your and the boys' day. I'd go with first thing in the morning, before and after naps, after meals and before bedtime. Make it so that they have to sit there for 3-4 minutes, whether or not they pee/poop. Sing a song, blow bubbles into the shower, read a book. Keep it light hearted and fun. Having time in undies instead of diapers will also speed up the process. When ODS wets himself say calmly, "You peed, that's why you're wet. Pee belongs in the potty. You should try and put it there next time." Then help him clean up and get changed.

And yes, starting on a week when you have a lot of plans is probably a bad idea! Do it when you have a week of few to no activities!
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