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Re: Asked not to nurse my son at church b/c...

Originally Posted by hilaryisinked View Post
I agree that this is that male's problem and not yours. The pastors need to approach him for some counseling as to why a woman feeding her baby turns him on and they should also suggest him watching church from another room because there could be other women who may choose to nurse in church. A group should not be punished because of one individual.

Originally Posted by Clare378 View Post
Here's what you do:
1. Open Google
2. Type the words "Mary Jesus breastfeeding"
3. Click Search
4. At the top left, click "images"
5. Save a few to your computer
6. Email a few of the pictures to your pastor and ask which one would be appropriate

P.S. If you find one in which Mary's wearing a hooter-hider, please let me know.
Best response ever, mama Clare378!

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My new facebook avi.

Enough said!
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