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Boppy pillow or Brest Friend pillow?

I'm trying to figure out which pillow I should get. I had a horrible time BF'ing DS, but I gave up because I just didn't have support or anywhere to go with my questions. Now that I have been a member of DS, I am excited to hopefully exclusively BF this time around.

I used the boppy pillow with DS, but I always felt I needed an extra pillow. I have very small breasts, so they don't hang or aren't full enough to really reach him easily with just the boppy. I had to keep him very close to my chest, so using 2 regular pillows was easier than the boppy. But it will be harder to cart those around then a nursing pillow.

Is the Brest Friend pillow better for something like this? I really like that it has the back support as well, as I always wanted a pillow behind me. Maybe when we go see family, I could just ask to borrow lots of pillows? I'd love a nursing pillow, but it will be pointless to get one if it doesn't do what I need it to.

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