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Re: "Bribing" for affection - too sensitive, or just let it go?

Originally Posted by Angel894 View Post
I will jump in and say something. I do not believe in forced affection. It is his body and his affection to give. I don't always want to give a hugs or kiss either. I will tell people as much. DS almost always gives hugs and kisses to DH and me when we ask, but the few times he says no, we just say "Aww...maybe later." I would def put a stop to that non sense and my disapproval would be known. I think it is rude to try to force someone into affection and invade their space against their will.
This exactly. I agree with you, OP, and I would probably explain my feelings as politely as possible to my MIL privately if she continued to do things like that.
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