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Re: Boppy pillow or Brest Friend pillow?

I've used both. I really liked the My Brest Friend with DD. The first one I had fell apart and I had to get a second one! The boppy curves down on the sides, so I felt like DD was falling into me and never could get a comfortable position with it. DD now uses it as her main pillow! rotfl! Seriously - she LOVES it! So, at least I'm getting my money out of that! lol!

I am nursing #2 and this time around I just use blankets and regular bed pillows. He's 5 months old now. I find that if I stack two bed pillows next to me on the couch I can do football nurse pretty easily. Or if I stack them and pull the top one a little closer or a little across me I can do the cradle position without using my hands!

If I am in an arm chair I can use one pillow and position it at an angle to nurse.

And I have even used throw blankets to make a next for him at other people's houses. And I have a throw blanket I keep in the car so I can easily nurse him in the car. When I am in public, if I have to nurse him in a dressing room I usually sit in the floor with my knees bent and prop my diaper bag under his head in the cradle position.

When he was littler, before he had good head support, I used to use a hand towel or receiving blanket for extra support or leverage under his head - to get the right position.

So, I am enjoying nursing much more this time around partly because I have learned to nurse anywhere and don't worry about what I will do if he needs to nurse while we are out and about, and I don't have to lug that giant brest friend pillow with me everywhere we go! There's enough stuff you need to bring when traveling with a baby, so that was a welcome subtraction to the list! ;D

BTW - some mamas can do the walk around while you nurse. I'm not one of them. I am very large chested and it is way to awkward to manage that. However, if I were smaller breasted I would probably try that this time around, too!

Best of luck!
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