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Re: I want to throw my diapers away!!!!!

I don't have a solution but can totally feel your pain. I never every had the stinks with my dd. We used the same type of dipes but lived in a different house. I can only guess that it's the water hear that is the issue.

I wash a full cycle on cold. Then I wash on hot with a little soap and an extra cold water rinse. Then I wash again on hot with no soap and an extra cold water rinse. I STILL find my dipes stink. I have tried bleach (maybe need to do it again), baking soda, vinegar, oxyclean, calgon water softener. Nothing keeps the stinks away permanently. Once I week I just keep on washing until I don't see bubbles. I swear it takes 4 extra rinses even though I hardly use any soap. Plus, even when I do it they still sometimes stink.

I guess I may try the bleach every other wash and see what happens. I just cannot run the washer 4 or 5 times every 3 days. It's just too much!!!!
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