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huge lot of newborns/smalls

I made these for my nephew and he has outgrown them all already!!! He weighs 20lbs and is really chubby so they would fit up to a max of 20lbs. He wore them from newborn 8lbs-18lbs.

Pricing buy 1-3 diapers for $9 each
4-10 diapers for $8 each
11-20 diapers for $7 each
21-30 diapers for $6 each

BUY THE WHOLE LOT 29 diapers FOR $160PPD

the trade value is $9 a diaper for trades!!!!

#1-8 traded

First Row:
#9 brown windpro outer with purple minkee tabs purple microfleece inner
#10 orange PUL outer neon green microfleece inner

Second Row:
#11 camo windpro pocket white microfleece inner SOLD
#12 green windbloc outer purple microfleece inner

Third Row:
#13 olive PUL outer purple microfleece inner Applix closure
#14 royal PUL outer yellow microfleece inner applix closure
#15 turquoise PUL outer turquoise suedecloth penguins inner applix closure SOLD

First row:
#16,#17,#18 ALL 3 ARE brown windpro with purple microfleece inner
Second row:
#19 brown windpro with purple microfleece,
#20 camo windpro fleece with white microfleece inner, sold
#21 purple tie dye minkee outer hidden pul and purple microfleece inner

#22,#23 BOTH ARE neon green pul purple microfleece inner SOLD
#24,#25 BOTH ARE royal blue pul with yellow powerdry fleece inner

#26, #27 BOTH ARE olive green pul with white microfleece inner,
#28 brown pul outer purple microfleece inner,
#29 orange pul outer yellow powerdry fleece inner,
#30 red pul outer yellow powerdry fleece inner

row 1:
#31 turquoise pul outer with penguin suedecloth innner, SOLD
#32 red pul with yellow powerdry inner,
#33 purple tie dye minkee outer with purple microfleece inner hidden pul.
row 2:
#34 orange pul with white microfleece inner.
#35 orange pul outer with yellow powerdry inner this one is a stuffable AIO so has some built in stuffing already.

#36, turquoise high loft malden mills windpro fleece very furry and cuter yellow powerdry inner
#37 turquoise furry with yellow inner SOLD
#38 TURQUOISE WINDPRO WITH penguin suedecloth.

#40 green windpro outer yellow powerdry inner,
#41 green windpro outer with purple microfleece inner,
#42 brown windpro with green suedecloth inner.

these are newborns a little smaller than the smalls they fit up to 12lbs.
#43 camoflauge windpro outer brown microfleece inner aio $10PPD SOLD
#44 camoflauge windpro outer brown microfleece inner aio $10PPDSOLD
#45 brown Windpro outer ivory suedecloth inner AIO $10PPD
#46 teal furry windpro outer yellow powerdry inner AIO $10PPDSOLD
#47 baby blue check PUL outer, baby blue cotton velour inner, POCKET $9ppd
#48 army green PUL outer, penguin aqua suedecloth inner POCKET $9ppd

willing to trade for a really nice brand name pocketbook SOME SPACE BAGS, leapster games, wii, wii games, xbox games, playstation games... homeschooling books 1st, 2nd, 4th grade. PUL material, minkee.
Wendy homeschooling mama to two James 3/04 & Christopher 12/05

wanting a coach purse, legos, and any gift cards
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