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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

DS - 23 months (because I was PG and not making enough milk)
DD #1 - 7 months (also because I was PG and was not making enough milk)
DD #2 - only 2 weeks old and plan to nurse until she weans herself!

I just don't make enough milk when I'm PG to keep nursing. I tried, oh Lord did I try! I cried like a baby when my babies stopped nursing. my 1st DD had major weight gain issues and medical problems too and was in/out of Stanford for gastro probs since birth, so when I found it was MY fault for not making enough milk, we went to formula and she did GREAT! I felt SO bad that I didn't know why she wouldn't grow... had no idea I wasn't making enough milk until we did extensive testing over periods of time. This is our last baby, so I won't get PG while nursing her and I plan on nursing her as long as she likes or up to age 2.5-3 (my personal limit)
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