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Sinky Peepee Shoes!


Of course, right after her Nana kindly gets her new shoes (what 2-year-old needs SIX pairs of new shoes, but Yay for awesome Nana's), my DD decides to potty train. And 2 weeks in, we still have an accident about once a day. But she is COMMITTED and is the driving force behind continuing.

Anyway. We've now peed on 4 of the pairs of new shoes. My home-made multi-purpose cleaner of 50/50 white vinegar and water has sprayed down the sandals, suede and canvas and gotten all of the odor out just fine.

But the most recent casualty was a pair of those glittery, sparkly dress shoes from Target. One shoe literally had to be poured out (sorry if TMI) there was so much pee. And I wasn't at home, so it dried like that in the back of the car because I didn't think to at least rinse it out with water. I've bathed it in vinegar 4 times and well.....let's just say a week old, full wet bag smells better than that shoe!

Obviously can't be thrown in the wash due to the material. Tomorrow I'm going to stick it out in the sun after I spray it down....any other ideas? HELP!
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