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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Too cute there miss Ella!!!

Hope everything is going ok Morgan, and one thing, check your flights some airlines make you pay starting at 2. We have to pay for Ky to Florida and Europe now Those longies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Sara you really need to come to Disneyland for Halloween, it is way better then Disneyworld. We have the trick or treat, which we are going to for my birthday this year And Jack and Sally come play, but best of all our Haunted Mansion gets a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. They completely retheme the ride for Halloween through Christmas, I love it, since that is my favorite movie. You can look at it on youtube it is so cool. Only Japan and Anaheim, get the overlay.

We actually went yesterday and it was all so cool, and the park was empty, we also got to see one of my good friends for her birthday. She lives almost 3 hours away so I don't see her enough It was a great day. I also upgrade to the Premier pass which is so exciting!!!!! Sunday we are off for Disneyworld!! I still need to debate if we are going to Disneyland friday for more birthdays

As for diapers, I think you preggo and new Moms get to do whatever works for you. Because of EC we had so few diapers for so long, I did some hand washing or just washed diapers with towels a lot. I guess without poopy diapers it didn't seem like a big deal. But I have to say in a strange way I sort of miss cloth diapers, but we have been in undies now 100% about 4 months now, so I think it's just Mommy brain playing tricks on me

Now I get to help my neighbor buy diapers. Did I mention my neighbor is now CDing I got her some stuff here and gave her a few of my things, and might sell her my flips, but besides the small stash of free sposies she got from a friend who runs a day care she is doing CD and thinks she likes it way better, especially since her DS pees out the top of all sposies

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