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Re: BLW and squeezy pouch babyfood...

Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607 View Post
One major aspect of blw is not spoon feeding. While I'd give my son Apple sauce and mashed potatoes he had to feed him self. I wouldn't count a pouch as blw. They're sucking a puree out of a pouch. Blw(to me anyways) is about letting a child learn how to taste foods and get the feel for self feeding. It's also about not measuring food or worrying about how much or how little they eat. Eating out of a pouch is like a baby holding their own bottle imo. I want to also say if it works for you that's great. If you consider is blw but I wouldn't be surprised if most people don't.
I see- its the delivery method not the food consistency you object to? That makes sense. I guess to me if its part of your child's overall diet, its still BLW. If you just fed pouch purees, I wouldn't consider it BLW, but if you gave baby one to eat on occasion, it still would be. We occasionally help baby eat pouch purees and help baby with a spoon for softer foods. I don't call it BLW though, I just call it feeding my baby. (Partly because no one I know in real life would know what BLW is!)
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