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apnea monitor families *pic on pg 2*

our now 8mos old baby is on an apnea monitor, im interested to know what do you do with the wires? I have tried pulling them forward and out the front of baby's clothes, ive tried pulling them out the top of his clothes behind his neck but i was wondering where everyone has theirs. His skin is also very sensitive, do you find the band breaks out their skin? the paddles under his arms also lead to irritation and raw spots in the crease of his armpit. I have resorted to having him wear the monitor only when hes sleeping to try to give his skin a rest but there must be other things to do because hes supposed to be on it 24/7, maybe covering the band? making my own? i know the paddles have to make direct contact and are what they are i just was wondering what everyone else finds helpful...

if you dont mind sharing, what are your machines parameters set at? My son has gone as low as zero bpm for 3 seconds, a few under 60bpm but lingers a great deal of time in the low 70s while sleeping. his machine was set at low/70 high/220 and respiration's at 20secs but it went off 44xs in two nights which was INSANE! They lowered the parameters to 60 but it kinda stresses me out to think hes going so low not to mention the fact he is hard to stimulate even in the 70s .... I have dealt with OSA before but never an apnea monitor.. were trying to find out whats going on (besides bradycardia) so were unsure how long hes going to be on the monitor or what his final diagnosis will be.

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