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Re: Baby like rice crackers and purees, but nothing else!

Good girl packing on those pounds!

It can be so frustrating though, I know. Our son hated purees for the first 6 weeks we were doing them...gag, gag, puke, gag, spit, was awful, I hated it but I knew we had to keep trying so he could learn the motion to swallow, etc. Then one day it was like it just clicked. He figured it out, and once he knew how to get it down his throat he couldn't get enough of it.
Now he's the same way with true solids...makes faces when he gets them in his mouth, gags, fusses, etc. I keep trying to remind myself that it took a while with the purees, and it may take a while with the solids, but hopefully one day it will click and he'll chomp everything down!
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