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Re: Reestablishing a supply. Need advice!

I recently went to a birth talk and they had a speaker on breastfeeding. She said that doing skin to skin everytime you want to nurse will help a lot. Your breasts have a type of smell to the baby and they will get that instinct going again. Also, she said that you should pump or nurse more times in a day than what you were. That stimulating the breasts gets them to make more milk.
For example:
you fed/pumped 5 times... and the baby got 8 oz
you fed/pumped 8-10 times...and the baby got 8oz
that by the end of the week, or a few days later (I can't remember how long) that the mama stimulating her breasts 8-10 times a day would end up making more milk because your body would think it needed to make more because they are getting used more often. I hope I am making sense!
Anyway, pretty much skin to skin, and increasing stimulating the breasts (nursing, pumping, or hand expression) will get your supply up faster and you will get more milk in the end.
HTH at all!
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