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Anybody ever feel guilty about not BF?

i'm having some issues with my LO not being bf. i had a c-section and just was not producing enough milk. i sadly gave up about 2 weeks into it. it was taking a toll on my body plus trying to recover from a c-section was pretty tough. everytime i see someone and they see my baby they ALWAYS ask "oh, are you nursing?" and i embarresly always respond with a no. i wish so bad that i could have breastfed. i know it is just so much better and healthier for my baby. and as any mom you want to give your baby everything healthy. my baby is almost 5months old and every now and then i try and squeeze out any milk i "might" have but we all know it's long gone now!!! anyone else have any guilt not bf?? stories are welcome and judgement free zone!!!
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