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Re: waiting for a snip

I can see your points. I never wanted any really. Accidentally ended up with one (my bad) and it took me a good 8 years to want another. And I SERIOUSLY wanted the second. Of course we were 38 before we manage to get #2 but that's ok, we only wanted one more. DH is supposed to get snipped but we found out his insurance only covers 80%. Which translates to something like $200 out of pocket for us. With this new baby money is tight so we're having to save up and come up with something else in the mean time.
I'm allergic to latex so condoms are out (this is how we ended up with #1 dd). I have a bad homicidal reaction to bc pills (tried the whole spectrum) and I have so many fibroids my ob wants an anesthesiologist present if she inserts another IUD and as far as I'm concerned if she thinks it's going to hurt that much I'll pass thanks anyway. The fibroids are what I developed later in life and made it difficult to get pregnant so I'm not messing with my body any more. I had a friend that tried the Nuva ring and it gave her migraines. I had an aneurisym that burst and caused a stroke 4 years ago so I won't touch most hormonal things that run migraine risks. Needless to say my options are seriously limited until we can come up with they snipping money. I opted for a diaphragm which was insanely hard to get a hold of. The pharmacy techs are so young now they don't even know what they are which is rough because they are a special order item.The spermacide jelly can only be purchased on line (Amazon) so this is not like a quick thing. Fortunately I was still recovering from child birth while finding/ordering it so it wasnt like I was anxious to get back in the saddle. I have it all now but it's not a system the ob recommends because of the failure rate. I'm going to be honest with you though, I think the failure rate is due to patient compliance. The more of a pia the system is the worse people are about it. We've been married for 10 years though and have a newborn in the room. Spontaneity is so not happening. Reality, birth control in and of itself.
Crazy semi-crunchy scientist mama to 1 DD almost 10 yrs old and DD 2 born July '11. CDing, extended vaxing, ERF, even been known to co-sleep (gasp!), and trying my best to baby wear a very persnickety diva.

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