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Re: Anybody ever feel guilty about not BF?

i ff'd dd1, and regretted it. tried relactating and everything. i stewed over it for months. looking back now, i wish i hadn't. i bf'd dd2 for two years, and now with my third (and last) pg, i feel totally wiped out and wanting my own body back. by the time i stopped bfing dd2, i would literally shudder every time she latched on. i did not like nursing her at all, and i resented her quite often. i have some complicated body image issues which have not helped anything, but the bottom line is that what was not good for me was not good for my baby (or the rest of my family- i'm in quite a foul mood while nursing/ pg). i have so many more happy memories of bottle feeding and snuggling dd1 than i have of bfing dd2. dd1 is just as attached and healthy as dd2, even now at almost 8 years old. i'm sure i'll have twinges of guilt here and there, but they won't be anything like what i felt with dd1, now that i've btdt. i'll be a happier mommy with a happier family, and remembering that will push any feelings of guilt aside!
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