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So,... I haven't felt well the last two evenings, and I was expecting AF yesterday. AF still hasn't shown, but HPTs are negative. I am still BF'ing, but my last 4 cycles have been exactly 25 days, and the one before that was 26. Tomorrow will be CD27, and I'm pretty sure I O'd on day 12 or 13, so I should be at least 12 dpo. I don't temp, but I have pretty easy to read signs.

I feel like I really don't want to eat, it gets worse when I should be hungry, which was how my MS was. And usually I'm really dry CM-wise before AF, but I'm definitely not right now. Bad enough that I keep thinking AF is here when she's not. No spotting at all or anything.

Anyway, I already know all the "could be"s and "what to do"s, I just needed a place to share and converse.

FTR, if there is a #3 in our near future, I would be so excited, just not really physically ready (and DH would freak, but he would live. )
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